PLANS OFFERED Hornic Portfolio Management Services(PMS)

Hornic Balanced Plan
Hornic Growth Fun-Tech Plan
Hornic Agressive Plan

Since 1994 we have been servicing clients in the financial services area covering the entire gamut of services like equity broking, derivatives, commodity broking, forex derivatives, depository and other allied services. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a one more initiative and an addition to the above list.

Why Hornic PMS / Features, etc.
  • Professional Management: Managed by a team of professionals with requisite qualifications and vast experience in the field of equities.
  • Exhaustive research: Stock selection is based on a systematic and thorough research based investment process form screening of ideas to short listing, conducting fundamental research, meeting management, visiting plants, valuation analysis, making allocations, execution of orders, record keeping, monitoring, keeping track of events, reporting, etc.
  • 360 degree view: Each stock is added to the portfolio after a 360 degree analysis considering various aspects like fundamentals, valuations, management quality, past track record, future prospects, risks, etc.
  • Constant follow-up/review: There is a constant follow-up and review of each company in the portfolio with respect to each item of investment rational and risks as well as important events, future prospects, macro factors, global trends, etc.
  • Performance based remuneration: Unlike many other participants in the market, our remuneration would be linked to the profits generated following high water benchmarking principles. Meaning, no profits no remunerations.
  • Risk management: While investing, due consideration is given to the risks attached to the company with respect to the quantity, type, probability, factors affecting them, etc.
  • Client focused: Investments are made after due consideration to the clients, needs, financial strength, risk appetite, financial goals, time horizon, etc.
  • Cost effective: All the cost pertaining to the entire PMS process are divided among wide range of client base. A lot of these would have been infeasible for many clients from economic, time and qualification point of view.